Alexei Rebrov Art

Golden music Waves

Music inspired new orange, red and yellow piece with accent blue line. I was listening to “Zeichen meines Lebens” by Klaus Schulze from “Historic Edition”. Cosmic and time traveling thoughts come to mind. Dark edges and bright center on top of dreamy brown and red background.

New Blue, Green and Turquoise Abstract

Blue and green, turquoise and coral are the color of this abstraction. It reminds blurred sun rays fading out in shallow waters of Mediterranean Sea. It seams that you going to recognize something in that mix of shadow and light but you can’t concentrate on one spot. High contrast abstract with vivid bright color will look equally good in bright room or in low light home. 

Preview photo print in a room

It's always true that one image worth a thousand words. I added new most anticipated feature which allows customers to preview a photo in a room. Just click ROOM button above the product. You can change Size dropdown to preview print in corresponding dimensions. The system will remember your preferences for Size and Medium when you navigate to a new product and will set the page for you. You also may enlarge the the preview by clicking on LARGE button. The system will display large product or room image and will push the shopping cart further below. If you'd like to reset all views to initial simply click IMAGE and SMALL buttons. Did you know that you can navigate the collections using Left and Right keys of your keyboard to quickly jump to next or previous product? What other features would you like to see? I would love to hear...