Alexei Rebrov Art

Alexei Rebrov is an emerging photographer from Toronto, Canada with unique vision of light and colour.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine in December of 1969 Alexei graduated with Master Degree from Kiev Polytechnic University where he studied physics for 6.5 years.

In university Alexei started drawing and in 1993, after graduation, he opened his gallery where he exhibited his work together with other Ukrainian emerging artists.

At the same time Alexei developed a line of architecture photography and continued to explore architecture of Europe until he moved to Canada in 2000. In Canada Alexei had a career as Software Engeneer and Architect consultant for private and government sector clients.

In 2011 Alexei launched a new body of artwork inspired by night city life, speed and energy of moving light.

Each composition begins with long exposure photo taken on the streets of big cities such as Toronto or New York. Alexei's art captures unique combination of ambient and direct light as well as light from moving transport and peoples' silhouettes.

To produce one print Alexei makes around 100 different shots, carefully selects one photo and digitally enhances its colour and contrast revealing small details and reducing digital noise. It may take more than 60 hours before initial shot shapes up as a final product ready for large format print.

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