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The Purists/The Manipulators Contact Festival show

I'm happy to share that this year I take part in annual Contact Festival in Toronto. Akasha Art Projects represents me and other 7 digital and analog photographers. Exhibition is open on May 1 - 30 at 511 Church St, Toronto. Opening reception is on May 10 at 5 - 8pm. Abstraction #4266 represents digital half of the exhibition. It's 40x60" print on aluminum mounted on 1,5" aluminum under-frame.  

My art on a brown wall in living room settings

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how artwork will look in your room. I made this photos today around 4 pm in Calligaris on King East. There was only light from the windows and some corners on the space were really dark. But fortunately these 3 pieces looked very good and had enough light exposure. There is visible glossiness of the aluminum surface and vibrancy of the colors. I did not add any saturation. I think artwork looks great. Here is the store info: 170 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J3, (416) 504-2959

Freezing Rain in Toronto, Ontario

In December 2013 freezing rain over Southern Ontario brought lots of worries to Toronto. Some areas are still out of power, public transit doesn't work and there are some local streets closures due to fallen trees. Ice is everywhere. We took cameras and went outside to see ourselves what's going on. It was very slippery and rain still drizzled while I was taking most of the pictures. Hands got cold very fast when exposed to the wind.

Vertical Abstract Prints

When traditional size or square prints are too large for the room narrow vertical abstract prints can really help with decorating project. Vertical prints can act as bright accents between windows or doors in hall ways. Browse the collection of vertical prints and find your favorite

Collection of contemporary abstract squares

In my previous blog posts (How To Choose Right Size Of The Art For Your Room: Part 1 and Part 2) I mentioned that contemporary art with square aspect ratio 1:1 is very popular among interior decorators. Squares are easy to combine into diptychs or even triptychs for wider walls. I grouped all square artwork from my Light series in one collection. Now you can chooser one of 3 sizes: 20x20" and 30x30" frames prints or 40x40" print with Frame to Edge. You can always read more about mounting options in Alexei Rebrov's Artwork Here is a full collection of contemporary abstract square prints.

How To Choose Right Size Of The Art For Your Room. Part 2

This is a second part which continues my earlier post about choosing right art format and high level installation instructions. Let’s assume that you plan to hang an artwork in room with low hanging fixture like on slide #6. There may be a case when the room is not large or you plan that artwork will be visible from all angles. Consider hanging art in the center of the wall space formed by nearby tall furniture such sofa or chairs and lower edge of the fixture. Geometry of the available wall is a long rectangle. I suggest that art format follows the same proportions like on slide #6. Placeholder for the art on that sketch is about 50x33”. The picture aspect ratio is 3:2 which used by many photo cameras and canvas producers. Working with art sizes around 45x30” let you choose from wider range of art. The disadvantage of...

How to choose right size of the art for your room. Part 1

Choosing artwork for interior can be difficult. In this post I assume that you're fan of abstract art, artwork will hang on a wall and you're dealing with art within $10,000 budget. Why is budget important? It usually means that the art you considering belongs to family of decorative accessories. Let’s assume that the piece of art does not require special treatment, lighting, and security and so on as it would if its price is substantially higher and the name of the artist is well known among collectors and art investors. There are some questions you may want to consider choosing art for your interior décor project: Art format? Will it be a decorative accent or a center piece? Is your design permanent or temporary? Do you need help installing art? There are several other questions like lighting and overall color scheme of the space but these are out of...

Inspiration comes from world I live in.

My work influenced by night city lights and festive night life of North American cities. I make night photos of Toronto, New York and Chicago. There are two stages of the process. First is get a snapshot of life around me with moving cars, partying people and ambient light of street lights and tall skyscrapers. I make hundreds shots to get one or two picture in a series. I emerge myself into energy of the city and go with it. I imagine being a commuter on a bike or rushing on my first date and getting late or getting out of a club having a bit too many shots. I try to remember those vivid emotions and get them as bright and saturated artwork. After first stage of a process is complete I spend lots of time on post-production. I try to recall the places I took photos and pick...

Contemporary Art - Collection For Pinterest

I thought it looks cool to take entire column on Pinterest with one large abstraction! I am not doing nothing new here and saw it before but still I think this is pretty cool :). Here are more: All these crops are made from images of my Abstract Light collection.

Contemporary art - Music is a source of inspiration

I have been listening to ambient music as long as I can remember. It always was a source of my inspiration and my first help to get concentrated and focused. Although ambient sounds and entire music direction emerged as music or relaxation I can’t say that it relaxes me at all. It’s quite opposite. When I hear obscured, distorted sounds and fragments of songs or human speech my mind races against time trying to decode the pattern and build a recognizable image or story. That’s how our mind works. It can’t help but recognize patterns and put finished images and objects within even larger story which evolves in time and makes sense. Welcome to science of dreams! My art has a similar nature but admittedly different direction. Something was moving first. It was part of a large whole. I took a slice of it and disconnected from the world. Those...