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I have been listening to ambient music as long as I can remember. It always was a source of my inspiration and my first help to get concentrated and focused. Although ambient sounds and entire music direction emerged as music or relaxation I can’t say that it relaxes me at all. It’s quite opposite. When I hear obscured, distorted sounds and fragments of songs or human speech my mind races against time trying to decode the pattern and build a recognizable image or story. That’s how our mind works. It can’t help but recognize patterns and put finished images and objects within even larger story which evolves in time and makes sense. Welcome to science of dreams!

My art has a similar nature but admittedly different direction. Something was moving first. It was part of a large whole. I took a slice of it and disconnected from the world. Those were pieces of a night street, people’s talks, taxi rides, ocean waves and lights in my neighbor’s windows. But now they are not moving… Or so it seems. I looked again at this piece listening to Mutata by Beosphere and it felt like I could see the smoke and water and something ahead. And that light in the middle was so mysteriously inviting.

What music would you want to hear watching sunset? Do you hear sounds in color? :) Sometimes I do. Listen to one of Shpongle's songs and look at this piece.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — September 01, 2013

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