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Psychological research into a variety of colors has found some interesting and, in many cases, useful effects of looking at different colors and in some cases being surrounded by them.

You may already know that blues and greens are calming, relaxing colors while more bright, aggressive colors are able to provide the opposite sensation. Yellow is said to boost the memory but also makes the viewer think more, while red has been said to cause some stimulation of both body and mind.

Red can actually warm the body and increase the heart rate as well, but it may also cause higher blood pressure. As a result, if you are suffering from any illnesses that may be aggravated or worsened by those side effects, you may need to steer clear of red in your interior designs. One great way to use red, though, is in an exercise room or any other room that you want to feel exciting. Since it can not only boost brain activity but also increase heart rate and warmth, working out near red colors may actually help you to have a more effective, impactful period of exercise.

A game room could also fit the description of a setting that would be a good fit for red. You and your visitors should feel stimulated mentally and physically through the physiological responses to the colors. In addition, red can be a great color for children’s rooms as it will stimulate their brains and get them thinking.

When it comes to abstract art in red, design can remain simple enough to be used in almost any room or setting but also bright enough to really catch the eye and get the job done when it comes to stimulating the mind. It could fit well in a living room, entertainment room or bedroom.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — August 30, 2013

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