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Here is a typical situation my customers deal after buying new house or moving into new apartment: living space is renovated and looked great when they visited it before purchase but now entire space is empty. And in many cases walls are painted in dark brown or green color. Dark paint makes large spaces look smaller and more intimate. But… walls are empty and interior looks simply gloomy.

The solution is to bring in bright details and décor elements. Some plants may help too (think if they can survive in low light condition though).

Here an example of large wall art as a décor for modern style living room with large window from floor to the ceiling (most condos in downtown Toronto have large windows nowadays).

orange abstract wall design on brown wall with yellow sofa set

I chose this red and yellow piece as it plays well with bright yellow sofa set and compliments texture and color of the brown wall.

Large wall allows big rectangular print. Prints on aluminum are very light and 140x70” aluminum print will weigh just about 56lb. Even a bad quality drywall will carry the print with 2 screws. But solid large size is quite expensive. This wall design saves about 40% of the budget. I also tailored it so it does not interfere with plant.

When you install such designs you don’t need to be precise. Moving prints off lets you create unique effect of moving picture!

Each print can be hang on one aluminum pushpin. If you ever need to deinstall the design removing pins leave almost no trace. At the end it is just a needle hall.

About the photo.

It is a photo of Christmas decorations along Yonge st near College. I know, it’s hard to tell, right!?
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Written by Alexei Rebrov — February 07, 2013

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