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Today I received a print for my client (this is part two of 3 from Pink and Blue triptych). I want to explain how prints are built and packaged.
I work with best printers in United States with proven quality and great customer support. The prints are ready and shipped after 3 days. UPS delivers them within a week. If you are from US you won't pay anything upon receiving a package. Other customers may need to pay customs fee.

The prints come in a thick cardboard box. Each print is in a plastic bag which attached to a large size protective cardboard sheet.
This image displays back side of the print with mounting. The size of a black foamcore depends on a size of a print. If print is small foamcore board is small enough to hide behind an aluminum sheet of hangers.

The hanger has 3 holes and 4 small black soft cushions which protect wall from scratches. Hanger's attached to a 1/2" black foamcore which makes print look like it's floating beside a wall.

Prints are made on 1mm (1/25") aluminum sheet with 3/16" rounded corners.

Prints are made on 1mm (1/25") aluminum sheet with 3/16" rounded corners. Dyes are infused directly into aluminum. All prints have a protective coating for scratch and finger prints resistance.

Aluminum prints have incredible gloss,luminescence, details, and durability.

I am holding a second part of Pink and Blue triptych (this one is 24x36"). The print has that incredible WOW factor. I am sure the owner of this print will be very happy. The installation is scheduled for this afternoon. I'm very excited. (I hope to make a photo when everything will be done, but it can be too late for good photos)

Written by Alexei Rebrov — December 13, 2012

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