Alexei Rebrov Art

My art on a brown wall in living room settings

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how artwork will look in your room. I made this photos today around 4 pm in Calligaris on King East. There was only light from the windows and some corners on the space were really dark. But fortunately these 3 pieces looked very good and had enough light exposure. There is visible glossiness of the aluminum surface and vibrancy of the colors. I did not add any saturation. I think artwork looks great. Here is the store info: 170 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J3, (416) 504-2959

How To Choose Right Size Of The Art For Your Room. Part 2

This is a second part which continues my earlier post about choosing right art format and high level installation instructions. Let’s assume that you plan to hang an artwork in room with low hanging fixture like on slide #6. There may be a case when the room is not large or you plan that artwork will be visible from all angles. Consider hanging art in the center of the wall space formed by nearby tall furniture such sofa or chairs and lower edge of the fixture. Geometry of the available wall is a long rectangle. I suggest that art format follows the same proportions like on slide #6. Placeholder for the art on that sketch is about 50x33”. The picture aspect ratio is 3:2 which used by many photo cameras and canvas producers. Working with art sizes around 45x30” let you choose from wider range of art. The disadvantage of...

Red Abstract Art Stimulates Body and Mind

Psychological research into a variety of colors has found some interesting and, in many cases, useful effects of looking at different colors and in some cases being surrounded by them. You may already know that blues and greens are calming, relaxing colors while more bright, aggressive colors are able to provide the opposite sensation. Yellow is said to boost the memory but also makes the viewer think more, while red has been said to cause some stimulation of both body and mind. Red can actually warm the body and increase the heart rate as well, but it may also cause higher blood pressure. As a result, if you are suffering from any illnesses that may be aggravated or worsened by those side effects, you may need to steer clear of red in your interior designs. One great way to use red, though, is in an exercise room or any other...

February 2013 Most Popular Prints Revealed

In February all holidays were over and winter got stronger. It impacted sales first but by the end of the month rhythm of visits increased and sales picked up. Here is a Best Of February collectoin of most popular prints in views and sales. I personalty very glad to see my favorite Pink and Blue among leaders but hey, I like them all :) What's your favorite?

New Abstract Print Installed

Last week I installed abstract print on aluminum into my client's apartment. It was fast and easy using aluminum push-pins. The print became a focus center piece on a wall and brought light and lot's of energy. Client is happy and so am I :) You can check out how this print was delivered and built.

Prints on aluminum

Today I received a print for my client (this is part two of 3 from Pink and Blue triptych). I want to explain how prints are built and packaged. I work with best printers in United States with proven quality and great customer support. The prints are ready and shipped after 3 days. UPS delivers them within a week. If you are from US you won't pay anything upon receiving a package. Other customers may need to pay customs fee. The prints come in a thick cardboard box. Each print is in a plastic bag which attached to a large size protective cardboard sheet. This image displays back side of the print with mounting. The size of a black foamcore depends on a size of a print. If print is small foamcore board is small enough to hide behind an aluminum sheet of hangers. The hanger has 3 holes and 4 small black soft cushions...