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Design influences our thinking and how we feel. People always have opinion about design. Some of you may have opinion about red color, some like bright rooms, some like dark and quiet interior. Entire branding of Apple is built on simple assumption that people want to interact with nice well design devices.

Why not invest in interior design? It will align your feelings, make you either relaxed or organized. It doesn't need to be expensive. I promote investing in interior decor with art. There are two things you need to remember: 1) color your walls having plan about wall decorations you want to hang later. 2) don’t buy cheap stuff. Simple as that. Here is an example of decor with 2 sets of prints on glass. One concrete wall is not painted at all and another has a layer of primer. Prints on glass, especially tempered glass are ultimately indestructible. You can collect them over the years and sell as one big collection or store them in your closet. They do not take much space.

Print on glass in empty room with low bed

Look at this room. It has lots of energy and light. One wall is a window from floor to ceiling.(not visible on this photo) All energy comes from orange bedding and prints on walls. Room looks complete. In your mind remove prints from the walls. What do you see? Bachelor room with bed and no character. Look at picture again: stylish design and freedom!

About these photos

I made them in New York in December 2011 when we stayed in Manhattan and spent 9 days exploring night city. Good memories, as always :)

Abstract Print on Aluminum #5611

Abstract Print on Aluminum #5609

Written by Alexei Rebrov — February 12, 2013

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