Alexei Rebrov Art

My work influenced by night city lights and festive night life of North American cities. I make night photos of Toronto, New York and Chicago.

There are two stages of the process. First is get a snapshot of life around me with moving cars, partying people and ambient light of street lights and tall skyscrapers. I make hundreds shots to get one or two picture in a series. I emerge myself into energy of the city and go with it. I imagine being a commuter on a bike or rushing on my first date and getting late or getting out of a club having a bit too many shots. I try to remember those vivid emotions and get them as bright and saturated artwork.

After first stage of a process is complete I spend lots of time on post-production. I try to recall the places I took photos and pick the one or too which reflect the mood or have intriguing atmosphere. I listen lots of ambient, experimental and electronic music. It’s very inspiring and sometimes it helps me notice unusual patters or color details. I focus on deep colors and energy of the picture. I am a child of a large city and my art is vivid evidence of its strong and inspiring connection.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — September 07, 2013

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