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There is nothing worse in modern interior design than a room that just doesn't do anything. Perhaps it’s a white, cream or gray color with minimal wall art, which leaves the room feeling bland and boring. Perhaps you have envisioned this room with some color, but been unable to come up with the perfect way to do so.

One great option to add a great deal of bright color to a room that is lacking it is to use abstract art on the wall as a creative, colorful center piece. One great thing about this method is that the less exciting the rest of the room we have to cover is, the more the abstract art will stand out.

On a white background, a piece of bright abstract art may really grab the attention. Colors seem filling out entire room adding vibrant energy and light.

There are certainly a variety of ways to use abstract art in modern interior design, but this is one of them and it is among the favorites here, because one of the beauties of art in general is the ability to really add excitement or inject emotion into a room.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — May 01, 2013

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