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With progress in print industry, metal work and engineering interior designers and artists can use wide spectrum of materials and forms working on interior design projects.

Large wall art becomes increasingly complex and draw more attention. Today walls with designs are focal points of lofts and large apartments. Wall design has that 3d feel and works with whole room and furniture. Wall texture and color play important role too. I personally like grey, purple or red walls with exposed concrete or plaster. They work well with my pink and blue designs or with multi-color pieces.


I prefer large size art. If I stand in front of large piece I feel like my entire body speaks with colors and shapes. Pink and red energizes me and opens up my creativity. Combination of pink and blue is very inspiring. It feels like watching a distant ocean sunset on windy southern sky.

As one visitor of my show said my green and yellow art reminds him his youth when he was a fan of rave music. I somewhat agree that combination of green and yellow abstract light has that acidic humid feel of crowded night club. On the other hand green and yellow are very luscious and almost jungle like combination. So if you need some vegetation in your décor yellow and green abstract maybe your solution.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — August 29, 2013

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