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What will happen if you take modern materials and latest print technology and combine them in decor project (or prototype in this case)? I asked myself this question looking at photo of yellow couch and plastic reflective shelves. Here is what I come up with.

Modern technology allows printing on any flat surface. It can be wooden board, aluminum plate, cardboard (why would I print on it?..) and glass. I already have experience with prints on aluminum and my customers are familiar with their scratch and finger prints resistance. Colors look great. They are thin and light. But what if I don’t need thin surface? I want something different… How about glass?

I kept thinking about glass whole weekend and did research about printing on glass. No problem. Can be done! I can print on glass and mount it on foam core or painted wooden box depending on distance from wall I need to achieve. Good news!

Next, how about getting light in dark rooms? Modern condos in Toronto come without central lighting switch and without chandelier. So new owner needs to figure out lighting solution for each room or strategically design solution for whole apartment renovating ceilings and so on… I had this issue last time I made a show at X Condos in downtown Toronto. I solved it buying 6 standing lamps and they did a trick but how about living with them and switching one by one every time you come into the room? It didn’t look practical.

I want my pictures to lit themselves. Not like shopping windows but like art in modern designed space. I made a research. Can be done! They even can be deemed to your liking! Or you may switch a color. Isn’t it amazing?

Here is an example of the design. Summary: Color prints on glass; float mount 1 inch from wall; one piece is glowing with switch on a floor (or behind the couch) and powered through standard wall outlet.

My very rough estimation is around $3k. What do you think?

Illuminating print on glass

About The Photo

Abstract Print on Aluminum #5619

I made this shot in December 2011 in Little Italy area in Toronto. I remember it was cold and getting late. My hands were already stiff from cold and I wanted tea :) Good memories anyway 

Written by Alexei Rebrov — February 11, 2013

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