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Most popular prints of March and April

As weather was getting warmer every day I was getting more sales of impressionistic pieces with soft colors and smooth shades. Especially popular was 4 piece design with bright yellow and red colors. It looked like my customers wanted to warm up their homes faster and get into summer mood even faster. I need to admit that winter is longer this year and it makes everything around even look dull and old. Naturally we all trying to get energy from all sources close to our reach. Bright and vibrant colors give us just that.

I was happy to see that new line of diptychs was accepted very well and they contributed to this collection of bestsellers. Purple and red colors proved again to be very popular among my fans.

I want to thank you all for purchasing my art and I am looking forward to see you back in summer! 

Written by Alexei Rebrov — April 27, 2013

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