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As any artist working with defined medium I have a legacy of works which establish my style. It makes my work recognizable but also it limits my creativity when I want to step outside and widen up my style.

Yesterday I worked on this piece and decided to add my "hand touch". The final work has a different feel than my other pieces. The blues are very light and gradually turning into turquoise like ocean water. The bottom right part has that psychedelic blur when you don't know if a picture doubled or whether you loosing grasp of reality.

This piece needs to be looked at in large size and will be great on light or white wall. The more light exposure it gets the better the effect it produces. Greens and blues are commonly considered calming colors but it really depends on your connection with this picture and the set up of the exposition. Ideally (in my artist dreams) it takes an entire wall and consists of many parts as my other designs. Then the visual impact will be deeper and the connection will be stronger. Well, those are my dreams :) As usual this piece available in different sizes and can be printed on aluminum or metallic paper. Prints can be framed or not depending on your design vision.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — May 08, 2013

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