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You start your day with coffee and orange juice to wake up your body. How about helping your mind to start fresh?

Here is bright green composition with glass. Green is fresh and lush, like a morning in jungles. Except it’s a picture of large city an night:)

There are two options with this print. It can me printed on paper and mounted on glass. To protect print from fingerprints and dust you will probably want to face mount it. Specialized framing shops will do it for you as there is a risk of air bubbles or dust trapped between print and glass. You don’t want this to happen, right?

Another option is direct print on glass. Print on front side will look mate and will have soft reflection. Print on back side on the glass will result in high gloss and increased contrast. What would you prefer?

About the photo

This is Toronto. Night. Taxis. Late night drivers. April 2011.

You can purchase this print on aluminum or metallic paper mounted on Gatorfoam and with protective glossy coating. It's half price of aluminum prints. Check out the prices.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — February 15, 2013

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