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Benefit of decorating with abstract art is that it has fewer restrictions on the colors available. It can go in so many directions and is not constrained to what occurs naturally. This means that pieces of abstract art can take on almost any color and use it as the focal point of the work as well.

If you are into setting the mood for a room through color choices, this should appeal to you as you can select a type of feel and find a corresponding color to create that mood.

Green is a popular choice due to its relaxing qualities. People tend to associate spring with green, which relates to thoughts of growth and fresh starts. This makes it a relaxing color that is right up there with blue and pink in terms of relaxing emotions being evoked.

In particular, colors like green can be useful in the bedroom as they promote comfort and relaxation and may keep you comfortable and not send your mind off wandering. It’s a good idea to try things out first, perhaps in a demo room or store. This way you won’t have any surprises in how your mind interprets the colors and what kind of mood that can lead to.

Another great thing about using green in your interior decorating is that in addition to using pieces of art, you can find a lot of green in potted plants. Just more options to use color in your interior design.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — August 27, 2013

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