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In January of this year I learnt that I have a show in August. I was excited and began preparations.  I decided to feature my wall designed and collages. Last year in May I already displayed limited edition archival prints during my show at Engine Gallery. This year show is aimed towards home decoration and modern interior design.

I worked 6 month on new designs, making more shots, programming online store and polishing business operations. In March I started selling large wall designs and had very good response. I shipped prints to UK, US, Australia and Canada. My clients were happy and I had a chance to improve logistics. I also had a chance to work on custom wall designs for my clients in capacity of interior designer. Busy times…

Six month passed by very quickly. It was time to make a decision about collection of 9 specific items I wanted to feature on my show. It’s always hard because there are items which sell well and there are items you just finished working on and eager to tell the world about. This show will combine latest works with best sellers, smallest 20x30” and largest 40x60”. Final list was ready and order was placed for work.

On 23 July all prints arrived to Akasha Art Projects and installation began. Sonja, Kelly and Nancy are professionals with many years of experience. They helped me make decisions about placement and last minute adjustments.  For example 2 of 9 prints arrived framed and looked inconsistent with other artworks. We removed prints from fames installed them as rest of the show pieces “floating of the wall”.

Light was adjusted, artist bio is printed and waits to be stacked to the wall, wine is bought and delivered, music prepared in playlists, my shirt is ready :)

So many people helped me to get this show ready: Alla, Sonja, Kelly, Nancy, Roger, Mirza and Karen. Thank you very much!

Hope to see you tonight at 511 Church St, Toronto. Show starts at 7PM.

Written by Alexei Rebrov — July 25, 2013

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