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I work with many interior designers and they often ask me to find an abstraction "...lots of orange... " because decor needs an accent element and its color sometimes is very predetermined.

It’s a common knowledge that red, orange and yellow are energetic colors. Spaces with these colors make people act and think faster. They encourage conversation and open exchange. These colors are good for dining or family room. It will work great for public office and working space.

Green and blue are considered soothing colors and good for quiet rooms and libraries. It may work as well for your bedroom.

I personally prefer darker art for my bedroom and I think that this monochrome art collection encourages fantasy and contemplation. What color would you choose for your bedroom and living room?

I had color collections on my site from very beginning on this page you can preview color collection before opening it. Let me know how you like it and what is your most favorite color!

Written by Alexei Rebrov — August 27, 2013

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