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Contemporary Art - Collection For Pinterest

I thought it looks cool to take entire column on Pinterest with one large abstraction! I am not doing nothing new here and saw it before but still I think this is pretty cool :). Here are more: All these crops are made from images of my Abstract Light collection.

Contemporary art - Music is a source of inspiration

I have been listening to ambient music as long as I can remember. It always was a source of my inspiration and my first help to get concentrated and focused. Although ambient sounds and entire music direction emerged as music or relaxation I can’t say that it relaxes me at all. It’s quite opposite. When I hear obscured, distorted sounds and fragments of songs or human speech my mind races against time trying to decode the pattern and build a recognizable image or story. That’s how our mind works. It can’t help but recognize patterns and put finished images and objects within even larger story which evolves in time and makes sense. Welcome to science of dreams! My art has a similar nature but admittedly different direction. Something was moving first. It was part of a large whole. I took a slice of it and disconnected from the world. Those...

Abstract art influences your mood

I work with many interior designers and they often ask me to find an abstraction "...lots of orange... " because decor needs an accent element and its color sometimes is very predetermined. It’s a common knowledge that red, orange and yellow are energetic colors. Spaces with these colors make people act and think faster. They encourage conversation and open exchange. These colors are good for dining or family room. It will work great for public office and working space. Green and blue are considered soothing colors and good for quiet rooms and libraries. It may work as well for your bedroom. I personally prefer darker art for my bedroom and I think that this monochrome art collection encourages fantasy and contemplation. What color would you choose for your bedroom and living room? I had color collections on my site from very beginning on this page you can preview color collection...

Golden music Waves

Music inspired new orange, red and yellow piece with accent blue line. I was listening to “Zeichen meines Lebens” by Klaus Schulze from “Historic Edition”. Cosmic and time traveling thoughts come to mind. Dark edges and bright center on top of dreamy brown and red background.

New Blue, Green and Turquoise Abstract

Blue and green, turquoise and coral are the color of this abstraction. It reminds blurred sun rays fading out in shallow waters of Mediterranean Sea. It seams that you going to recognize something in that mix of shadow and light but you can’t concentrate on one spot. High contrast abstract with vivid bright color will look equally good in bright room or in low light home. 

Expanding Creative Boundaries

As any artist working with defined medium I have a legacy of works which establish my style. It makes my work recognizable but also it limits my creativity when I want to step outside and widen up my style. Yesterday I worked on this piece and decided to add my "hand touch". The final work has a different feel than my other pieces. The blues are very light and gradually turning into turquoise like ocean water. The bottom right part has that psychedelic blur when you don't know if a picture doubled or whether you loosing grasp of reality. This piece needs to be looked at in large size and will be great on light or white wall. The more light exposure it gets the better the effect it produces. Greens and blues are commonly considered calming colors but it really depends on your connection with this picture and the...

February 2013 Most Popular Prints Revealed

In February all holidays were over and winter got stronger. It impacted sales first but by the end of the month rhythm of visits increased and sales picked up. Here is a Best Of February collectoin of most popular prints in views and sales. I personalty very glad to see my favorite Pink and Blue among leaders but hey, I like them all :) What's your favorite?

Romantic blue and pink

So, I like cold colors. And I like wind... Maybe because I am a Capricorn. That subconscious magnetism of solitude and deserted places attracts me to rough weather and open horizons. I also like dark and smoky places but this post about clear sky and cold transparent air and about hope that next thing you'll experience will change your life forever. What is your color?