Alexei Rebrov Art

My art on a brown wall in living room settings

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how artwork will look in your room. I made this photos today around 4 pm in Calligaris on King East. There was only light from the windows and some corners on the space were really dark. But fortunately these 3 pieces looked very good and had enough light exposure. There is visible glossiness of the aluminum surface and vibrancy of the colors. I did not add any saturation. I think artwork looks great. Here is the store info: 170 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J3, (416) 504-2959

Contemporary Art - Collection For Pinterest

I thought it looks cool to take entire column on Pinterest with one large abstraction! I am not doing nothing new here and saw it before but still I think this is pretty cool :). Here are more: All these crops are made from images of my Abstract Light collection.

Abstract art influences your mood

I work with many interior designers and they often ask me to find an abstraction "...lots of orange... " because decor needs an accent element and its color sometimes is very predetermined. It’s a common knowledge that red, orange and yellow are energetic colors. Spaces with these colors make people act and think faster. They encourage conversation and open exchange. These colors are good for dining or family room. It will work great for public office and working space. Green and blue are considered soothing colors and good for quiet rooms and libraries. It may work as well for your bedroom. I personally prefer darker art for my bedroom and I think that this monochrome art collection encourages fantasy and contemplation. What color would you choose for your bedroom and living room? I had color collections on my site from very beginning on this page you can preview color collection...

New Type of Wall Murals and Discount

I am glad to present new type of wall designs made possible by new technology in cutting and extrusion of aluminum materials. This design made from one solid aluminum board cut into 3 pieces and attached to specially designed under-frame. This type of art was not done before and I am very proud to get it available for my clients. What's unique about this design is that it becomes metal sculpture and attracts attention not just by colorful abstract print but also by it unusual shape. It transforms space around itself and becomes something bigger. Lines of metal shapes now work together with content of abstraction. When you purchase this design it will come in two wooden crates which fully protect aluminum during transportation. Crates are art on their own and my customers always admit the quality of packaging. Wow, what else can I say?! I'm very excited. To make...

Golden music Waves

Music inspired new orange, red and yellow piece with accent blue line. I was listening to “Zeichen meines Lebens” by Klaus Schulze from “Historic Edition”. Cosmic and time traveling thoughts come to mind. Dark edges and bright center on top of dreamy brown and red background.

Purple and Orange like sunset sky

Purple and orange as very late sunset sky when you just forgot that you waited whole day for it. You run outside and look out for the sun but it's already too late and all you see are purple sky and pink and orange clouds far west. First orange becomes red, then pink becomes blue, then all become black... Stars will come later at night. You turn back and make new pot of coffee. Maybe you will get out one more time to look at stars but maybe not today.

Inject some Color in Your Interior

There is nothing worse in modern interior design than a room that just doesn't do anything. Perhaps it’s a white, cream or gray color with minimal wall art, which leaves the room feeling bland and boring. Perhaps you have envisioned this room with some color, but been unable to come up with the perfect way to do so. One great option to add a great deal of bright color to a room that is lacking it is to use abstract art on the wall as a creative, colorful center piece. One great thing about this method is that the less exciting the rest of the room we have to cover is, the more the abstract art will stand out. On a white background, a piece of bright abstract art may really grab the attention. Colors seem filling out entire room adding vibrant energy and light. There are certainly a variety of ways...

Purple and Orange

I love working in small sprints. Inspiration comes from very unusual and unexpected thinks and activities. This time I watched sci-fi movie and this palette was hunting me for a week :). As a result I created a series of four pieces with vibrant orange accent color on top of mix of my favorite pink and purple. They can be combined into triptych or live separably in different rooms. There are many options to play with including framing and matting. If you in the middle of the decoration project and wonder about colors associated with these pieces here is a palette from ColorLovers to help you out.

February 2013 Most Popular Prints Revealed

In February all holidays were over and winter got stronger. It impacted sales first but by the end of the month rhythm of visits increased and sales picked up. Here is a Best Of February collectoin of most popular prints in views and sales. I personalty very glad to see my favorite Pink and Blue among leaders but hey, I like them all :) What's your favorite?