Alexei Rebrov Art

My art on a brown wall in living room settings

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how artwork will look in your room. I made this photos today around 4 pm in Calligaris on King East. There was only light from the windows and some corners on the space were really dark. But fortunately these 3 pieces looked very good and had enough light exposure. There is visible glossiness of the aluminum surface and vibrancy of the colors. I did not add any saturation. I think artwork looks great. Here is the store info: 170 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J3, (416) 504-2959

Red Abstract Art Stimulates Body and Mind

Psychological research into a variety of colors has found some interesting and, in many cases, useful effects of looking at different colors and in some cases being surrounded by them. You may already know that blues and greens are calming, relaxing colors while more bright, aggressive colors are able to provide the opposite sensation. Yellow is said to boost the memory but also makes the viewer think more, while red has been said to cause some stimulation of both body and mind. Red can actually warm the body and increase the heart rate as well, but it may also cause higher blood pressure. As a result, if you are suffering from any illnesses that may be aggravated or worsened by those side effects, you may need to steer clear of red in your interior designs. One great way to use red, though, is in an exercise room or any other...

Refresh your mind. Breakfast with abstraction

You start your day with coffee and orange juice to wake up your body. How about helping your mind to start fresh? Here is bright green composition with glass. Green is fresh and lush, like a morning in jungles. Except it’s a picture of large city an night:) There are two options with this print. It can me printed on paper and mounted on glass. To protect print from fingerprints and dust you will probably want to face mount it. Specialized framing shops will do it for you as there is a risk of air bubbles or dust trapped between print and glass. You don’t want this to happen, right? Another option is direct print on glass. Print on front side will look mate and will have soft reflection. Print on back side on the glass will result in high gloss and increased contrast. What would you prefer? About the...