Alexei Rebrov Art

Inspiration comes from world I live in.

My work influenced by night city lights and festive night life of North American cities. I make night photos of Toronto, New York and Chicago. There are two stages of the process. First is get a snapshot of life around me with moving cars, partying people and ambient light of street lights and tall skyscrapers. I make hundreds shots to get one or two picture in a series. I emerge myself into energy of the city and go with it. I imagine being a commuter on a bike or rushing on my first date and getting late or getting out of a club having a bit too many shots. I try to remember those vivid emotions and get them as bright and saturated artwork. After first stage of a process is complete I spend lots of time on post-production. I try to recall the places I took photos and pick...

Golden music Waves

Music inspired new orange, red and yellow piece with accent blue line. I was listening to “Zeichen meines Lebens” by Klaus Schulze from “Historic Edition”. Cosmic and time traveling thoughts come to mind. Dark edges and bright center on top of dreamy brown and red background.

Purple and Orange like sunset sky

Purple and orange as very late sunset sky when you just forgot that you waited whole day for it. You run outside and look out for the sun but it's already too late and all you see are purple sky and pink and orange clouds far west. First orange becomes red, then pink becomes blue, then all become black... Stars will come later at night. You turn back and make new pot of coffee. Maybe you will get out one more time to look at stars but maybe not today.