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Red Abstract Art Stimulates Body and Mind

Psychological research into a variety of colors has found some interesting and, in many cases, useful effects of looking at different colors and in some cases being surrounded by them. You may already know that blues and greens are calming, relaxing colors while more bright, aggressive colors are able to provide the opposite sensation. Yellow is said to boost the memory but also makes the viewer think more, while red has been said to cause some stimulation of both body and mind. Red can actually warm the body and increase the heart rate as well, but it may also cause higher blood pressure. As a result, if you are suffering from any illnesses that may be aggravated or worsened by those side effects, you may need to steer clear of red in your interior designs. One great way to use red, though, is in an exercise room or any other...

Wall Designs in Modern Interior Decor

With progress in print industry, metal work and engineering interior designers and artists can use wide spectrum of materials and forms working on interior design projects. Large wall art becomes increasingly complex and draw more attention. Today walls with designs are focal points of lofts and large apartments. Wall design has that 3d feel and works with whole room and furniture. Wall texture and color play important role too. I personally like grey, purple or red walls with exposed concrete or plaster. They work well with my pink and blue designs or with multi-color pieces.   I prefer large size art. If I stand in front of large piece I feel like my entire body speaks with colors and shapes. Pink and red energizes me and opens up my creativity. Combination of pink and blue is very inspiring. It feels like watching a distant ocean sunset on windy southern sky....

Large Wall Art: Fresh Mood With Green Abstract

Benefit of decorating with abstract art is that it has fewer restrictions on the colors available. It can go in so many directions and is not constrained to what occurs naturally. This means that pieces of abstract art can take on almost any color and use it as the focal point of the work as well. If you are into setting the mood for a room through color choices, this should appeal to you as you can select a type of feel and find a corresponding color to create that mood. Green is a popular choice due to its relaxing qualities. People tend to associate spring with green, which relates to thoughts of growth and fresh starts. This makes it a relaxing color that is right up there with blue and pink in terms of relaxing emotions being evoked. In particular, colors like green can be useful in the bedroom...

Abstract art influences your mood

I work with many interior designers and they often ask me to find an abstraction "...lots of orange... " because decor needs an accent element and its color sometimes is very predetermined. It’s a common knowledge that red, orange and yellow are energetic colors. Spaces with these colors make people act and think faster. They encourage conversation and open exchange. These colors are good for dining or family room. It will work great for public office and working space. Green and blue are considered soothing colors and good for quiet rooms and libraries. It may work as well for your bedroom. I personally prefer darker art for my bedroom and I think that this monochrome art collection encourages fantasy and contemplation. What color would you choose for your bedroom and living room? I had color collections on my site from very beginning on this page you can preview color collection...

New Type of Wall Murals and Discount

I am glad to present new type of wall designs made possible by new technology in cutting and extrusion of aluminum materials. This design made from one solid aluminum board cut into 3 pieces and attached to specially designed under-frame. This type of art was not done before and I am very proud to get it available for my clients. What's unique about this design is that it becomes metal sculpture and attracts attention not just by colorful abstract print but also by it unusual shape. It transforms space around itself and becomes something bigger. Lines of metal shapes now work together with content of abstraction. When you purchase this design it will come in two wooden crates which fully protect aluminum during transportation. Crates are art on their own and my customers always admit the quality of packaging. Wow, what else can I say?! I'm very excited. To make...

Golden music Waves

Music inspired new orange, red and yellow piece with accent blue line. I was listening to “Zeichen meines Lebens” by Klaus Schulze from “Historic Edition”. Cosmic and time traveling thoughts come to mind. Dark edges and bright center on top of dreamy brown and red background.

New Blue, Green and Turquoise Abstract

Blue and green, turquoise and coral are the color of this abstraction. It reminds blurred sun rays fading out in shallow waters of Mediterranean Sea. It seams that you going to recognize something in that mix of shadow and light but you can’t concentrate on one spot. High contrast abstract with vivid bright color will look equally good in bright room or in low light home. 

Purple and Orange like sunset sky

Purple and orange as very late sunset sky when you just forgot that you waited whole day for it. You run outside and look out for the sun but it's already too late and all you see are purple sky and pink and orange clouds far west. First orange becomes red, then pink becomes blue, then all become black... Stars will come later at night. You turn back and make new pot of coffee. Maybe you will get out one more time to look at stars but maybe not today.

"Alexei Rebrov - Liquid Light" Show

In January of this year I learnt that I have a show in August. I was excited and began preparations.  I decided to feature my wall designed and collages. Last year in May I already displayed limited edition archival prints during my show at Engine Gallery. This year show is aimed towards home decoration and modern interior design. I worked 6 month on new designs, making more shots, programming online store and polishing business operations. In March I started selling large wall designs and had very good response. I shipped prints to UK, US, Australia and Canada. My clients were happy and I had a chance to improve logistics. I also had a chance to work on custom wall designs for my clients in capacity of interior designer. Busy times… Six month passed by very quickly. It was time to make a decision about collection of 9 specific items I...

Easy sharing for your blog

I welcome designers and writers who want to include my products in their article or blog post. Now it's very easy to do. Find the product you want to feature in your post; Click on button Blog Share to see the HTML code for your post; Copy the code and past it into HTML code of your article. Depending of the style of your blog result may look like this: Abstract Print #3880 by Alexei Rebrov