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How to choose right size of the art for your room. Part 1

Choosing artwork for interior can be difficult. In this post I assume that you're fan of abstract art, artwork will hang on a wall and you're dealing with art within $10,000 budget. Why is budget important? It usually means that the art you considering belongs to family of decorative accessories. Let’s assume that the piece of art does not require special treatment, lighting, and security and so on as it would if its price is substantially higher and the name of the artist is well known among collectors and art investors. There are some questions you may want to consider choosing art for your interior décor project: Art format? Will it be a decorative accent or a center piece? Is your design permanent or temporary? Do you need help installing art? There are several other questions like lighting and overall color scheme of the space but these are out of...

New Abstract Print Installed

Last week I installed abstract print on aluminum into my client's apartment. It was fast and easy using aluminum push-pins. The print became a focus center piece on a wall and brought light and lot's of energy. Client is happy and so am I :) You can check out how this print was delivered and built.