Alexei Rebrov Art

7 Hours Till Dawn

Giclée print on aluminum

Psychedelic multicolor abstraction

  • Print On Aluminum
  • Delivery & Refund

The color dyes infused directly into the aluminum board give final print a magically brilliant luminescence and gloss. Prints are scratch and finger print resistant.

Prints and all segments of wall designs have square corners and flush mounted on silver or black 1.5" wide double aluminum frame.

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Shipping is $150. Print and frames are ready in 3 business days. All products can be delivered world wide within 10 business days.

If within 30 days you are not 100% satisfied you can send print back.
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  • 5493 Framed Paper Print
  • 5538 Framed Paper Print
  • 5595 - 9 squares
  • 5612 Framed Paper Print
  • 6164 Framed Paper Print
  • 6652 Framed Paper Print
  • 6671 Framed Paper Print
  • 6725 Framed Paper Print
  • 8014 e-form design
  • 8019 e-form design