Alexei Rebrov Art

I appreciate if you made a purchase or visited my show and want to share your experience.

Getting a post from you will make me happy, very happy! It will also support other people in their decision to invest in decor and my art.

{ "": { "comments": { "data": [ { "id": "358465140925975_1710662", "from": { "name": "Vlad Khomutov", "id": "643587145" }, "message": "Good stuff, Alex! Love what you're doing and your art has a sense of movement in it that captures the essence of the city at night very well!", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-15T19:21:22+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1710718", "from": { "name": "Alla La", "id": "645915598" }, "message": "The show was a blast, it's so different to see large prints of your art. Very colourful and vibrant.", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-15T19:53:07+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1710820", "from": { "name": "Tanya Shapovalova", "id": "100000176705506" }, "message": "It is amazing to see all that you want to show in your works and at the same time let fantasy find what's hidden in mind. Good job, real art!", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-15T20:45:21+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1710837", "from": { "name": "Helene Kay", "id": "538126154" }, "message": "Fantastic vibrant colours. Love the movement and sense of energy. There isn't any sleeping on the job in the course of Rebrov art appreciation. :) Keep at it Alexei, you really have something going on.", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-15T20:49:56+0000", "like_count": 2, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1711395", "from": { "name": "Janice Diner", "id": "514164743" }, "message": "Love the work.", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-16T02:15:15+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1712684", "from": { "name": "Olya Kaye", "id": "579745060" }, "message": "I love where you're taking your art. Each of your pieces has a new energy to it, new twist, new color splash, new vibrations... your art work is simply uplifting! Just like the artist himself ;).", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-16T17:09:57+0000", "like_count": 2, "user_likes": false, "comments": { "data": [ { "id": "359320420840447", "from": { "name": "Maria Zhuravleva", "id": "100001719870625" }, "message": "\u041a\u0440\u0430\u0441\u043e\u0442\u0430!", "created_time": "2013-04-17T23:25:07+0000" } ], "count": 1 } }, { "id": "358465140925975_1717032", "from": { "name": "Art Kulaga", "id": "514617031" }, "message": "evil, or genius, or evil genius? Alexei's work can be as inspiring as demonizing, with the stroboscopic luminescence shedding light on the dark corners of imagination. nonetheless one of his canvases is hanging on my office wall bringing an unexpected sparkle in otherwise typical daily routine.", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-18T20:40:38+0000", "like_count": 2, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1717894", "from": { "name": "Nadia Chess", "id": "1215133618" }, "message": "Thank you, Alexei! Your pictures are very uplifting, full of energy. \nwith exciting colours dancing across my wall!", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-19T05:11:31+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1722004", "from": { "name": "Kristina Rosta", "id": "658775499" }, "message": "I saw Alexei's work at the Engine Gallery in Toronto and at Alexei's studio. His works are stunning in real life. So much craftsmanship goes into putting together each work, from the initial photograph, to his digital darkroom processing, to bespoke printing. I think that everyone can find a piece in Alexei's collections that speaks directly to them - there is so much to choose from!", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-21T00:48:14+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1723140", "from": { "name": "Sonja Scharf", "id": "579583248" }, "message": "Contemporary & inspiring vibrancy! Looking forward to your exhibition in our gallery in July ( Akasha Art Projects)", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-21T13:31:01+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false }, { "id": "358465140925975_1725307", "from": { "name": "Stuart Sankey", "id": "100003473267438" }, "message": "Simply Amazing - so unique - creative - cool - inspiring - I give them to my clients for house warming gifts and they absolutely love the art.......", "can_remove": false, "created_time": "2013-04-22T16:11:46+0000", "like_count": 1, "user_likes": false } ], "paging": { "next": "" } } } }