Alexei Rebrov Art

My art exists as limited edition prints or 1 of 1 NFT at

I make up to 15 prints or designs of the same exposure. Each size is represented by only one unique print. When you purchase my art you will receive a hand signed certificate of authenticity describing the medium, size, date of exposure, price and date of purchase.

This table illustrates print sizes, weight and prices. It doesn’t include information about designs as all of them have unique sizes and weight.

13.25 lbs
19.00 lbs
14.75 lbs
24.50 lbs
18.50 lbs
31.25 lbs
10.25 lbs
14.50 lbs
9.00 lbs
25.00 lbs

Wall Designs can be very different sizes and weights and can't be put in a table.

Light series photos look stunning printed on aluminum high gloss boards. Aluminum prints technology delivers incomparable wide gamut colors and contrast.

I work with best printers in United States with proven quality and great customer support. The prints are ready and shipped after 3 days. UPS or FedEx deliver them within a week. If you are from US you won't pay anything upon receiving a package. Other customers may need to pay customs fee.

All metal prints are scratch and finger prints resistant and ready to hang. Dyes are infused directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, details, and durability.

Here is a photo of me standing in front of #3870 Diptych to provide a reference of print dimensions and size of details in composition.

2mm Aluminum board is attached to 1.5" aluminum black or silver aluminum flush mounted double frame.

Frame corners secured with L-shaped aluminum plates and stainless steel screws.

All frames come with attached stainless steel wire if you prefer to hang artwork on one nail.

The photo of one part of the triptych illustrates double back frame, secured corners and a wire.

For better control of print position in design I recommend using 2 screws and hanging prints on its frame. This way guarantees that all prints will be leveled and you will still have ability to slide them to any side to achieve desired distance between design pieces. (In this case you won't need a wire and you can unscrew it's connectors from the frame.)

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Multi Panels